Coronavirus & the Chiropractic Lifestyle:

Let’s be hopeful that this virus situation will end soon. In the meantime, we should avail ourselves to regular chiropractic care, lifestyle choices that enrich immunity and health, and avoid delving into the stress.  Regular chiropractic care keeps the brain in communication with all parts of our bodies. It modulates every process that operates the body, such as: immune, digestive, endocrine, respiratory, etc., and it particularly initiates the response to a foreign entity such as a virus. 


Lifestyle Protocols:

Our food choices are important in controlling our stress. Eating whole foods prepared at home, especially organic, is a major advantage in order to heal, grow, and thrive. When cooking at home, you control the preparation, allowing for an increase in the vitality of nutrients your body receives. One of our favorite resources for health is thee Selene River Press Newsletter that has many helpful articles, including recipes. Please give serious thought to signing up for their newsletter.    


In addition, take care to monitor your thoughts throughout the day. Negative thoughts perpetuate stress. Prioritize and work the things you can change now, and avoid ruminating on those things that you cannot alter, such as the virus.  We must take care of ourselves, family, friends and jobs. When you get too stressed, here is a tip for relaxation: As you discover negative thoughts – Stop. Take a deep breath. Slowly release your breath.  Allow your entire being to relax. You may need to do this several times consecutively to achieve the relaxation you desire. This allows you to control your entire being.

Many questions about supplementation have risen in the office about fortifying the body in order to increase resistance to the virus.

Here’s additional support:

Black Elderberry Syrup - for respiratory issues, be it allergies, pollens, furnace duct irritants, etc.  Chronic irritants decrease resistance and accelerate respiratory illnesses. This syrup may be used daily or at first signs of irritation or full-blown issues.

Zypan - this supplement corrects and maintains the proper pH of the bowel, as well as being a major digestive.  It digests food more wholly, giving the body the nutrients needed to thrive.  Foods not properly digested rot in the bowel and causes major health issues.

Cholacol - this assists in digestion of fats and oils. Fats are a major component of every cell wall. A healthy cell wall equates to a healthy human being.  You are only as healthy as your cell walls!

­Calcium Lactate - this is the powerhouse of maintaining a healthy Immune System. In conjunction with the Neutrophils (white blood cells), it destroys pathogens in the cells.

Congaplex - this supplement feeds the organs that modulate the Immune response.   A starving organ CANNOT effectively fight an infectious invasion.

MinTran - this is a mineral tranquilizer. It calms the nervous system to reduce stress, and is very effective both, during the day and at night.

CyrutaPlus – this assists in vascular integrity. The lungs are very vascular and the Virus has a propensity to attack the Respiratry System.

Bragg’s Apple Cider - this is very important for overall health.   It assist in maintaining the body’s proper pH and supplements many much needed minerals.


As always, thoughts and attitudes are the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. We will get through this pandemic and any other health crisis that may arise.

Please tell the world about the many health benefits of regular Chiropractic Adjustments. We can make the world a better place one spine at a time.

Some things to think about!

doc john